‘Even if you can’t see anything, I’ll become your eyes’: Chinese man set to remarry seriously ill ex-wife

Man wants to remarry ex-wife after learning about her serious illness

A Chinese man is being recognized locally for rekindling his relationship with his ex-wife after finding out about her debilitating illness.

In sickness and in health: When Chen Zhenfeng, 38, learned that his ex-wife Xie Hongxia, 35, was suffering from kidney failure (end-stage renal disease), he decided he would take care of her, reported 8world per Mashable.

  • Xie suffers from uremia, which occurs when damaged kidneys can no longer filter waste and extra fluid from the body. 
  •  Xie’s medical condition has weakened her and severely deteriorated her eyesight. 
  • Chen only learned about Xie’s struggles after reaching out to her two years after their divorce. 

Till death do us part: The couple from China’s Henan province reportedly got married in 2012 after being in a relationship for a few months.

  • The pair endured two miscarriages together, which reportedly led to their separation in 2019. Chen told local media that their separation left him thinking about Xie and reminiscing on their years together. He decided to reach out to Xie after realizing how much their marriage means to him.  
  • When Chen visited Xie at the hospital, he saw her struggling with her medical condition..
  • With a renewed vow to take care of Xie at her weakest, Chen proposed to his ex-wife that they get married a second time.
  • Not wanting to burden Chen with her condition and the expenses that come with it, Xie initially turned down his proposal. Chen continued to pursue Xie until she finally agreed. 
  • In a video that has recently surfaced online, Chen can be heard expressing his love to Xie: “Don’t be afraid. Even if you can’t see anything, I’ll become your eyes. I’ll even give you a kidney if it means you can live. I don’t even care if I have to live a few years less.”

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