Japanese ‘Music Idol’ Reveals How She Got Incredibly JACKED

Buff cosplayer/pro-wrestler Reika Saiki recently delighted her fans by sharing her workout videos and performing some badass clotheslines.

The brawny 26-year-old, who started out as a mascot model for Japan’s pro wrestling league, has transformed herself into becoming Japan’s “muscle idol.”

Saiki has also coined a new term for her striking appeal: mukikawa, which combines the Japanese words mukimuki (“buff”) and kawaii (“cute”).

In her latest videos, Saiki showcased some of her fitness routines, including deadlifts, barbell curls, shoulder presses, and push-ups that combined some lower-body cable work.

According to Soranews24, the specialized weightlifting equipment she uses in many of her workouts plays an important role in her career as a professional wrestler.

Despite standing at just 4 feet, 11 inches, Saiki’s able to toss around opponents much larger than herself thanks to her toned physique.


Saiki’s slender build back in 2014, shown in her audition interview for Cheer♡1, illustrates how much she’s transformed in just a few years. 


 Saiki became an internet sensation last year after pulling off one of the greatest Chun-Li cosplays ever.

She also does not shy away from more common cosplay attire, such as this maid costume which she totally rocked:


Featured image via Twitter/saikireika

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