Pakistani Doctor Looking for an Apartment on Facebook Accidentally Lays Thirst Trap Instead

A hunky Pakistani doctor who was in search of a vacant room for rent in New York City has got some members of a Facebook group swooning over him after he posted a simple ad.

New York-based Dr. Rehan Munir received more than just vacancy offers after posting an ad on ‘Gypsy Housing’, a Facebook group that connects members of a performing arts group in New York.

“I’m Rehan and I’m looking to rent a furnished room on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side or Midtown Manhattan. I’m planning to move in around July 20th and stay till August 30th. My price range is about $800, with some flexibility,” the 26-year-old doctor wrote in his post. 

He then went on to tell more about himself and his expectations: “I’m professional, friendly and easy to live with. Most of all, cleanliness is of utmost priority to me.”

“Please let me know if you have any leads. Thank you!”  

Munir included photos of himself in the post and his good looks did not go unnoticed as commenters started pouring in with their offers. 

Since most of the offers are quite different from what he was hunting for, it is hard to tell if Munir even got a good lead (for a room) from this post.

His post also elicited some responses from those who found some of the comments to be inappropriate.

And some painful truths:

And while Dr. Munir has started to go viral on Pakistani social media, some are already wondering if he is set to become Chai Wala 2.0.


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