15-Year-Old Called ‘Ch*nk’, Repeatedly Punched in the Head at Playground in Queens

Rego Park

A 15-year-old was jumped and punched in the head while he was at a playground in the Rego Park of Queens, New York.

What happened: Leting Cai, 15, was at a playground with his friends when two other teenagers started harassing and insulting them with racial slurs on May 1, according to ABC7.

  • Cai told CeFaan Kim of ABC7 that one of the teens called him “ch*** ch****” but he wasn’t going to take it and dared them to say the slur again. 
  • He stood his ground and just as he thought it was over, he noticed the pair on the phone calling for backup. 
  • Three other teenagers came and jumped him when his back was turned to them.
  • “What followed was a relentless barrage of punches to the head,” reports Kim. 

The charges: Police arrested three out of the five suspects including two 14-year-old boys and one 18-year-old girl.

  • The suspects have been charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment. 
  • NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is reportedly currently investigating. 

The aftermath: Cai suffered a bruised head, a swollen eye and had a headache for weeks following the attack. 

  • He says that he felt his attackers “really wanted me dead” and that he was “pretty scared.”
  • Cai originally wanted to stay silent but says his mother made him realize it was “about the community” and not just him. He added that “no change will happen” if nobody speaks up. 
  • The incident angered Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright, leading her to “introduce legislation that would mandate hate crime offenders to undergo counseling.” 

Featured Image Screenshot via @CeFaanKim

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