Filipino Friends Sing Disney Duet, Totally Nail The High Notes in Viral Video

Meet Reggie Tortugo.

via FaceBook / Reggie Tortugo

He developed a strong fanbase after his appearance on Tawag ng Tanghalan in the Philippines.

He often sings with his friend, the very talented Biran Gilles.

via FaceBook / Brian Gilles

He has also accumulated plenty of followers for his incredible voice.

Although the two of them on their own are clearly amazing, the duo are going viral for their pipes paired together — their most notable number being “Beauty and the Beast” from Disney’s hit classic of the same name.

The two were well-suited for the duet, with Tortugo singing the male portion and Gilles on the female parts — and both of them nailed it!

This wasn’t their only song making waves on the internet — check out their others below:

Watch as they both hit the high note — you’ll never guess who hits the highest note!

Feature Image via YouTube / JC Sueño

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