Squat Toilet Refrigerator Bathroom in China Goes Viral

A restaurant in China has gone viral for its unique toilets that make new customers wonder if they accidentally entered the kitchen.

The unnamed eatery, located in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, has a bathroom that features refridgerator-themed toilets.

A customer shared a video of the unusual bathroom, highlighting that the toilets were designed to look like different types of refrigerators. Urinals in the men’s room were shown to be encased in beverage refrigerators, like the ones found in convenient stores.


The man also opens what seems to be a large double door refrigerator but finds a traditional toilet inside.

“I come to use the toilet. How can I? This is a fridge!” exclaimed the man.


The video, which emerged on Chinese social media back in May, has since gone viral and re-uploaded in other social media platforms. Not everyone was a fan of the themed toilets. Some found the deception to be strange enough to lose their appetite.

“It is cool to use the toilet inside. But how can I face a fridge after I come out of it?” an amused commenter was quoted as saying.

Featured image via YouTube/ Just For Haha

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