Reebok x Hello Kitty Limited Edition Collab to Get Worldwide Release


Reebok and Sanrio have announced a collaboration project with a limited-edition Hello Kitty x Reebok Instapump Fury OG.

The limited sneakers, which were made available in Japan on September 23, features the company’s iconic character Hello Kitty and its other character, the lethargic Gudetama, according to Hypebae.

Available in both adult and children’s versions, the sneakers come with red, white and black colors for the Hello Kitty variant, with yellow, white and black for the Gudetama model.

The Hello Kitty Instampump boasts the character’s iconic bow on the midfoot as well as her face on the black pump button which also acts as a replacement for the laces.

The character’s face is also present on the heel of the shoes.

Nothing is changed design-wise for the Gudetama shoes except for the picture of the character on the pump, heels and the color of the shoes.

After its September 23 release in Japan, the limited-edition Hello Kitty x Reebok Instapump Fury OG is set to be released internationally. It wasn’t revealed when the companies plan to release the sneakers worldwide.

Images via PR Times

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