Reebok Will Give You a Free Pair of Shoes if You Can Run Past This Ad Fast Enough

In a twist, sneaker company Reebok wanted pedestrians to literally run by their new outdoor ad in Stockholm.

A video released by the brand shows off the stunt that had passersby sprinting past their pop-up ad on a busy street in the Swedish capital last weekend in order to win a free pair of the company’s ZPump 2.0 shoes.

The promotional contraption set up by ad agency Animal on behalf of Reebok featured the shoes in a clear display case that opened up when someone ran past the ad at a speed of 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) per hour or more, as tracked by a built-in speed cam.

“We really like the idea of taking a classic billboard and turning it into something disruptive and unique,” Markus Schramm, creative at Animal, told AdWeek. “This gives customers an instant experience, and as a brand, we’re able to provide something of real value.”

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