Man Records All the Late Excuses His Co-Worker Uses For One Year Until He Finally Gets Fired

We may all have that one co-worker who always shows up late but never fails to impress everyone with their excuses.

One Redditor, Diondrems, documented in a spreadsheet all the ridiculous and overplayed excuses his co-worker used when he would be late if he even showed up at all. Diondrems works in tech support, a job that required him, and his co-worker, to be at work at 5 a.m.

Diondrems explained:

“He started in 2014 and was late almost every day for nearly 2 years before they decided to get rid of him. The times he was on time was because he was partying the night before and he’d usually sleep the first few hours of his shift.”

Even more, Diondrems had actually helped the guy get the job in the first place:

“Im actually the reason he got the job. He worked with a friend at another job and it somehow came up that we had an opening. To make a long story short I gave my boss his resume vouching for him even though I had never met him. My position in our company is pretty chill so I’m not sure if they didn’t want to train someone new or what but yeah he lasted longer than a lot of people would at other companies.”

Firing an employee might be hard for some people, but it probably wasn’t the case for this joker.

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