Tons of Reddit Users Flock to Competing Platform in Midst of Reddit Chaos

Redditors seeking “Reddit alternatives” because of Director of Talent Victoria Taylor’s firing have taken refuge in the much smaller Reddit clone started by Switzerland-based Voat, causing the website’s servers to crash in the process.
While internet users are unlikely to get through to the homepage, Redditors still can’t help but poke fun at the developing situation.
“ right now”
Voat also released this statement via Twitter:
“Voat is currently getting hit with a huge amount of traffic as a direct result of recent changes happening over at that other place. Everyone, we’re sorry. We’re both sad to see what we once loved change in this manner, but we’re also excited about the future, but our future won’t be traveling down this same path. We won’t be getting any sleep tonight (again) and we are doing everything we can to handle the traffic. Our budget is limited but we’ll make sure to fight to the last penny in order to keep Voat alive for this community. If you want to donate, well, now is the time. Our bitcoin address is 1C4Q1RvUb3bzk4aaLVgGccnSnaHYFdESzY.”
Will the Bitcoin-friendly Voat come out a winner as Reddit continues to piss off the community that holds them up?
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