China’s ‘Red Princess’ Bao Bao Wan to Sell $13 Million Penthouse After Staying Just Two Nights

China’s fashionista ‘Red Princess’ Bao Bao Wan is now selling a recently purchased, two-story, three-bedroom penthouse in Sydney, Australia after reportedly spending only two nights inside it.

Bought in December last year for a cool $10.5 million, the luxurious home in The Residence has now been listed on the market with a $13 million price tag, Domain reported (via Daily Mail).

The millionaire jewelry designer was at least able to take some selfies on the penthouse roof, with a snap of herself on a golden inflatable swan uploaded on her Instagram account.

A year and a half later, the property is now listed for sale through Anthony Birdsall of Laing Real Estate. A number of high-profile Chinese buyers have reportedly expressed interest in the luxury property.

Wan, who was born and raised in Zhongnanhai, China’s exclusive compound designated for high-ranking Chinese officials and their families, went to New York to pursue her studies and later on, her jewelry business.

Coming from a wealthy and politically influential family, Bao Bao Wan is among China’s “rich second-generation” dubbed as fuerdai, a term for used to attribute young, usually Western-educated kids who purposely flaunt their fancy lifestyle, flashy cars, jewelry, other wealth on social media.

While Wan has claimed ownership of the penthouse, her representative on the deal once claimed that it was already purchased by a certain Jun Yang.

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