Real-life Team Rocket Member Cleans Up Pokémon Go Park

Team Rocket has come to life, and this time, they’re truly protecting the world from devastation.
Dubbed as a “holy land” for Pokémon, Tsuruma Park has been welcoming trainers eager to catch them all. Needless to say, the site is no stranger to the problem of litter.
Interestingly, one guy dressed as a Team Rocket member was spotted clearing the park. In a tweet by @K_syachiyu, he is seen patrolling one street with a large plastic bag.
It looks like he has collected a lot of trash, actually.
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Netizens are easily amused, for the act is rather unexpected from a Team Rocket member! RocketNews24 found some comments:
“Don’t be fooled! He’s collecting garbage to recycle into a mecha!”
“Wait, so Team Rocket were the good guys this whole time?”
“Guys, come on. Team Rocket’s goal is to take over the world, right? They’re just cleaning it up so they don’t have to rule over an unclean Earth.”
Maybe it helps to review Team Rocket’s iconic motto.
But of course, anyone can be part of Team Rocket, after all.
Established in 1909, Tsuruma is the oldest park in Nagoya, recognized for its distinctive atmosphere that features Japanese and Western styles. Its fountain area resembles a PokéBall when viewed from above.
The park especially saw a surge of Pokémon Go players two weeks ago, when news of catching Mewtwo, an incredibly rare Pokémon, broke out.
The site was packed with players at 1:00 a.m. one Saturday, Tokyo Reporter said. It even held an impromptu “Blastoise festival” after the rare Pokémon was spotted.
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