Internet Goes Crazy Hunting Down Hunky ‘Hot Dude Reading’ on a Train

A bibliophile commuter in Singapore unknowingly sent social media ablaze after he was photographed and featured on the popular Instagram account Hot Dudes Reading.

As the account’s name suggests, Hot Dudes Reading is dedicated to posting candid shots of hot men caught reading in public.

In its most recent post on Sunday, Hot Dudes Reading featured its first Singaporean bookworm hunk who was photographed deeply engrossed in his book while sitting inside a train.

The photo shows the subway-riding charmer donning slicked back hair and a form-fitting white shirt that highlights his muscular physique.

“They say Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world and taking a look at this crisp and fresh cutie, I’d have to agree,” the caption read. “Not one wrinkle on that button down and not a hair out of place. Despite the clean surroundings, the things I have in mind are anything but. He’ll be calling me his #SingaW***e #hotdudesreading.”

The thirst trap of an image soon invited commenters swooning over the man of the moment. Some commenters also offered their observation via some witty comments.

Determined to uncover the identity of the mysterious subway reader, some netizens started digging.

User yoshijessie nudged the internet sleuths in the right direction by tagging a certain drshane.abucewicz, who would later claim that the man in the photo was actually his twin brother Henryk Abucewicz.

Henryk is reportedly aware of the post about him, but is currently busy traveling in Rome.

It is worth noting that the dashing commuter is already off the market based on a wedding video uncovered by AsiaOne.

Featured image via Facebook / abucewicz (Right), Instagram / hotdudesreading (Left)

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