Rapper YG Gets Flak For Urging Burglars To Target Chinese Homes

One rapper has shocked and disgusted Chinese people for having the worst lyrics penned in his song.

YG, born Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, released his debut album “My Krazy Life” in 2014. However, one song from his album is beginning unsettle listeners for having offending lyrics that encourage crime against Asians:

“First, you find a house and scope it out
“Find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don’t believe in bank accounts”

The lyrics come from the song “Meet the Flockers,” where YG described his experience as a burglar himself, Shanghaiist said.

Chinese people, as targets of the song, were angered. A music video uploaded on YouTube has taken explicit to visuals, showing two burglars carrying out the deed. Viewed over 250,000 times, it had more than 800 likes and 13,000 dislikes, going with the description:

“Make some noise if you’ve ever stole something in your life.”

In response, viewer comments were unforgiving:

“No need comment, we need guns, if they came, shoot them all.”

“Well. Guns loaded, come and try it yourself.”

“Now I know why nobody care about ‘black lives matter’ because they don’t care about other lives. They deserve the treatment!”

A petition asking the White House to ban the song from public media has been posted. So far, it collected over 38,000 signatures and needs more than 61,000 by October 21 to elicit response from the government.

The controversy follows an actual burglary that took place in Georgia earlier this month, targeting a Chinese-American household. Offenders weren’t lucky, as one woman emerged – in pajamas – and pulled the trigger to safeguard the territory.

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