Rapper Joe Budden incurs Armys’ wrath after saying he ‘hates’ BTS, mistakes them as Chinese

Image: Joe Budden TV; BangtanTV
  • Rap personality Joe Budden is facing backlash for comments he made about BTS during a recent episode of his “The Joe Budden Podcast.“
  • In the episode, which focused on highlights from the Grammy Awards, Budden went on a rant about how much he hated the group.
  • “Do I need a reason? I hate them n***as,” he said when asked why. “I don’t have to divulge my reason to you, I just hate them n***as.”
  • He also misidentified the South Korean group as being from China.

Joe Budden earned the online ire of BTS’ Army fandom after expressing his inexplicable hatred for the international K-pop sensations before suggesting the group is from China on his podcast. 

Wednesday’s episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” titled “We Can’t Lose,” dove into highlights of the Grammy Awards, at which BTS performed over the past weekend. 

“I hate them BTS n***as,” Budden said at one point. His co-hosts Ice and Ish probed him more about his reasons, to which Budden simply replied, “Do I need a reason? I hate them n***as. I don’t have to divulge my reason to you, I just hate them n***as.”

Budden continued his rant on BTS: “I don’t wanna hear that sh*t, I don’t wanna see them dance moves, I don’t wanna see you come down in the sky in a little umbrella.” 

Comparing BTS to a popular American boy band from the ‘90s, he added, “I don’t wanna see [you] come from the audience and link up like Voltron and do all of the 98 Degrees moves.”

Budden also misidentified the group as being from China, saying, “I know they big, I know it’s China, I don’t wanna see it.” A co-host informed him that the group is Korean, at which point Budden made another reference to a ‘90s boy band and said, “I don’t want to see Korean-Sync.”

On Twitter, BTS’ Army fandom quickly came to the defense of the seven-member group.

Some pointed out that Budden’s acute observations of the group’s performance seemed to contradict his claims of hating the group so much. 

Others pointed out Budden’s pattern of attacking successful artists.

Another tweet shares a TikTok video made by one of Budden’s listeners that calls the podcaster out by saying, “Joe, I’m all for you expressing your opinion, but I’m over you hating on popular things just because you don’t see why it was more popular than you ever were.”

Budden was also trolled for his name being mistaken as a typo for “Joe Biden,” which some have claimed to be a testament to how unknown the podcaster is in comparison to the  K-pop group he spoke out against.

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