Rapper Cardi B Turns to Racism in Tweet About North Korean Threats

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post mistakenly used an image of Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, in the feature image. We have corrected the image and apologize for the mistake.

Cardi B has come under fire for her now deleted tweet with racist connotations regarding Kim Jong Un.

via Instagram / iamcardib

The tweet was in response to Donald Trump’s diatribe against football players protesting his presidency.

Cardi B later deleted the tweet but responded to the backlash she received through a series of tweets and retweets.

Netizens had mixed reactions to her sentiments; some felt that her comments were not out of like — especially considering who she was speaking about.

However, there were others who felt that she had been racist — that her criticisms of North Korea’s leader didn’t need to include racist commentary.

Of course, there’s always this person:

What do you think? Was Cardi B’s tweet racist, perpetuating the notion that it’s okay to use these sentiments against Asian people? Or is it excusable since the comment was directed at Kim Jong Un? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Feature Image via Instagram / iamcardib

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