Rapper Brittanya Karma Passes Away at 29 From COVID-19

Rapper Brittanya Karma Passes Away at 29 From COVID-19Rapper Brittanya Karma Passes Away at 29 From COVID-19
Vietnamese German rapper and vlogger Brittanya Karma passed away at 29 after fighting against COVID-19.
Health complications: The Vietnamese star endured severe symptoms from the virus and posted about it to her Instagram and Facebook.
  • On Nov. 17, Karma’s post showed her strapped to a ventilator with the caption, “I hope your 2020 is better than mine. I couldn’t eat or sleep for 5 days (but I drink 3L a day) I had so much pain. Corona should be taken more serious. Please take care everybody.”
  • Three days later on Nov. 20, she posted another update, saying, “I’m still fighting everyday,” as she continued lying in a hospital bed.
  • Karma’s family confirmed to Vietnamese singer Bao Anh’s manager, whom the rapper had collaborated with in the dance version of the song “Lười yêu,” that she passed away Monday afternoon, according to TuoiTre.
  • “I still don’t believe it’s true…a positive energy is turned off, a girl who is always full of energy, you will always be. Confident and full of energy wherever you are Karma. Rest in peace,” the manager said.
  • Manuel E. Dwayne Anderson proposed to her on July 31.

Remembering her: Karma, or Phuong Linh Nguyen, was a personality beloved by many in the Vietnamese community and was known for her body positivity, plus size confidence, and humor, according to Culture Magazine.
  • Shrugging off traditional beauty standards, Karma appeared in “The Bachelor Vietnam” in 2018, and received as much attention as beauty queens on social media.
  • One of the songs she’s most known for is “Tự Tin,” which is “confident” in English. It talked about self-love and priding in confidence for your looks.
  • “Every person born in this world is unique. Stop judging others and don’t gossip. In the end, eat what you like to eat and do what you want to do,” she told Culture last year. “I am 28 years old. I have nothing but confidence and perhaps so do you. Keep dreaming, and keep making your dreams come true.”
  • Since her passing, fans and fellow artists have flocked to her social media pages with love and hoping she rests in peace.

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Featured Image via Bảo Anh (left), @brittanyakarma (right)
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