Top Thai University Catches Students Cheating With ‘Mission Impossible’ Spy Glasses

Top Thai University Catches Students Cheating With ‘Mission Impossible’ Spy Glasses
Editorial Staff
May 12, 2016
A group of students were barred to ever study at a private university in Thailand after they were caught cheating on their medical college entrance exams using high-tech gadgetry.
According to AFP, Rangsit University test supervisors discovered three students attempting to cheat their way into the school by using high-tech spy cameras built into the frames of their glasses.
The test-takers allegedly used the cameras to take photos of the test questions and transmitted them to an unknown third party, who then replied answers via the pre-programmed watches they were wearing.
While the camera contraptions seemed like a genius idea, they were also too bulky to pass as normal glasses.  When the university instructors took notice of the unusually thick glasses, they investigated and found out about the hidden cameras. The elaborate cheating set-up allegedly costed each of the students around 800,000 baht ($23,000).
After learning of the plot, Rangsit University director Arthit Ourairat announced that the university entrance exam had been cancelled in the meantime.
On Sunday, Ourairat uploaded the photos of the gadgets via a Facebook post which has since gone viral.
“They did it in real-time,” Arthit wrote. “This was the most high-tech exam cheating system I’ve ever seen. We want this to be known in public to make people aware that we must be careful, particularly for medical exams where there is high demand among students but not many vacancies.”
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