The Most Random Olympic Gold Medal Win In History is Going Viral Again

A memorable Olympic moment from 2002 has resurfaced online after netizens began talking about it on social media.

The viral incident involves Australian athlete Steven Bradbury who shocked audiences during the 2002 Winter Olympics after his so-called “unexpected” victory.

Bradbury was competing in the five-man final for speed skating.

He was the “rank outsider” whom everyone expected to lose as he was far behind his competition throughout the race.

However, by some stroke of luck, Bradbury was able to catch up at the very last bend around the ice.

Chinese skater Lia Jiajun attempted to overtake American Apolo Ohno, but both of them ended up in a collision.

Their fall also took down Canada’s Mathieu Turcotte and South Korean Ahn Hyun-soo resulting in a rare four-skater pile-up.

Bradbury, who appeared far behind, was able to evade them all, resulting in an easy glide to the finish.

Bradbury’s win would later be known as “the most unexpected of gold medals” in Olympic history.

Watch the not-so-glorious victory here:

The Twitterverse brought the moment back over the weekend as speed skating events commence at the PyeongChang Olympic Games.

Feature Image via YouTube/Olympic

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