Thief Steals 130 Eggs from Ramen Shop, Completely Ignores the Money

ramen eggs

A ramen shop in Tokyo, Japan was victim of an “egg-centric” burglar who broke inside the noodle shop and stole hundreds of eggs without taking any money.

The incident happened on the morning of March 15 when the owner of the shop discovered his ingredient stock was missing 130 soft boiled eggs.


Realizing that a burglar had stolen the eggs, the owner was shocked to then find out that the money inside the cash register was untouched, according to China Press (translation via AsiaOne).

Because soft boiled eggs are one of the most important toppings for a delicious dish of ramen, the owner was forced to announce on social media that the noodle shop will have to close for the day to replenish its stock of eggs.

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