Japanese Chain Releasing Ramen-Flavored Shaved Ice for the Summer


Bankara, one of Japan’s most popular ramen chains, has released a unique way to stay cool this summer by combining shaved ice and the country’s beloved noodle soup dish.

Launched on June 15, Bankara’s Shaved Ice Hiyashi Miso Ramen (or Kakigori Hiyashi Miso Ramen in Japanese) is a summer treat that combines noodles and the restaurant’s popular miso broth in the form of shaved ice, according to SoraNews24.

Bankara’s Shaved Ice Hiyashi Miso Ramen contains all the necessary ingredients of traditional ramen, including chashu roast pork, bean sprouts, and menma (or fermented bamboo shoots).

Shaved Ice Hiyashi Miso Ramen is available at Bankara locations for the price of 880 Japanese yen ($8).

All Images via PR Times

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