Netflix Show’s ‘Alien Fruit’ Is Really Just a Popular Asian Fruit

Netflix series “Another Life” has apparently used rambutan, a fruit commonly found in Southeast Asia, as an alien fruit.

Eagle-eyed viewer @hash_1993 from Malaysia shared the surprising appearance of the tropical fruit in the Netflix show to his Twitter on Friday.

According to Mothership, in the scene, two characters are seemingly mystified by a rather strange alien-looking fruit that they have found on the moon. As it turns out, this hairy-looking fruit called rambutan is actually very popular in many Southeast Asian countries.

Netflix series “Another Life” had apparently used rambutan, a fruit commonly found in southeast Asia, as an alien fruit.

While some people outside the region may find this fruit to be exotic, rambutan is actually fairly common in many Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

This fruit also bears resemblance to lychee, particularly its white flesh that’s covering a large seed in the middle, the red exterior appearance, and its sweetness.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / hash_1993

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