Photographer’s Hilarious Hack Helps Singles Feel Loved on Valentine’s Day

No one abhors Valentine’s Day more than those who spend it alone.

Yes, being single on the mushiest, most sugar-coated day of the year can be a huge downer for some. That’s why one creative Thai photographer has come up with a simple solution to make anyone seem “loved” on Valentine’s Day with the use of a little bit of camera trickery.

Assarin Saelim, who goes by his Facebook handle Rainyokohama55, demonstrated in a series of photos how to make just one person look as romantic as a couple.

In the album’s caption, he wrote: “A collection of how to get by on Valentine’s day. How to take photos that look like you have a girlfriend”

In one photo, we see an unseen “girlfriend” playfully pulling an adorable prank on Saelim:

A photo shows him in bed, a stolen shot taken by a loving “significant other”.

In another, the photo shows “two lovers” holding hands.

Another one shows a sweet gesture from a “concerned sweetheart” wiping away some food from his lips.

He also has his own version of the “follow me” photo.

In a rather steamy-looking photo, we see Saelim in a passionate “make-out session”.

How about going on a trip together?

Most of the hilarious photos require not only creativity but also some flexible limbs as shown in the “behind-the-scenes” images.

The rest of Saelim’s work, which can be both funny and sad at the same time, can be found here.

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