Latin American Boy Band With a Death Wish Just Racially Mocked BTS

Latin American Boy Band With a Death Wish Just Racially Mocked BTS
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 30, 2018
The wrath of the BTS Army (fans of the popular K-pop act BTS) has descended upon Latin American boy band CNCO and iHeartLatino radio DJ Enrique Santos following an interview that many fans found to be insulting.
During an interview on his radio show on Friday, DJ Enrique Santos asked CNCO members what they thought of “the Koreans” while referring to BTS, before joking that the group is “the Korean version of CNCO.”
via Instagram / bts.bighitofficial
Santos mockingly pushed his guests further into singing “Korean versions” of their own songs “Súbeme La Radio” and “Mamita”, which resulted in the repeated mangling of the Korean language., while another DJ can be heard inciting the topic. CNCO then obliged by singing their song “Mamita” in gibberish.
Here’s a full translation of the conversation via AllKPop:
“MC Enrique Santos: “[You’re nominated] for the best boy band and best remix!”
CNCO: “Thank you!”
MC Enrique Santos: “Have you seen the Koreans? They’re like the Korean version of CNCO.”
CNCO: (hesitates, laughs nervously) “We like what they do.”
MC Enrique Santos: (sarcastically) “And the lyrics are beautiful, right?”
*everyone laughs*
MC Enrique Santos: “How would your song ‘Súbeme la Radio’ sound in Korean?”
MC #2: “No, their song ‘Mamita.'”
MC Enrique Santos: “Or ‘Mamita,’ ‘Mamita’ in Korean!”
CNCO: (mimics the Korean language to the rhythm of their song)
MC: “‘Mamita’ in Korean?”
CNCO: (mimics once again)
*everyone laughs*”
It appears that the DJ may be pitting the two groups against each other since BTS and CNCO are both in contention to win the Best Boy Band category at the “iHeartRadio Awards”. However, the passionate fans of BTS did not find any of it amusing at all.
Members of the BTS Army have since dubbed the exchange problematic for mocking BTS and the Korean language, pointing out how the DJ initiated the issue. Fans created the hashtag #CNCO_Apologize on Twitter, and are calling out the DJs and the CNCO members for what they found to be offensive comments.
DJ Santos and CNCO have yet to respond to the BTS fans’ reactions.
Feature Image via Instagram / cncomusic (left) and enriquesantos (right)
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