Racists Took to Twitter After Japan Beat Texas in the Little League World Series

Racists took to social media after Japan defeated Texas in this year’s Little League World Series championship game on Sunday.

The team from Kitasuna, Tokyo beat the team from Lufkin, Texas, the U.S. representative, at 12-2.

This happens to be the team’s fourth win, the most by any in the history of the series. It’s also the fifth for Japan since 2010 and the 11th in total, according to CBS Sports.

Fans of the U.S. team were disappointed in the loss, but some sore losers resorted to racist remarks as they expressed their frustration through their social media accounts.

User @MLG_SweeTy pulled that “all Asians look the same” card (and apparently received 20 likes):

User @appearxnce_ was perplexed that Japanese — and Chinese — kids could even play baseball:

User @jpfan84 “praised” Japan but took a swing at China:

User @jakedaddypoo might be in dire need of medical attention:

And user @BenHiggins_C103 seemed very concerned about the Japanese team’s hats:

It’s disheartening to see that these kids are being targeted for their race, but it’s even more troubling that the people making such comments are full-grown adults — at least, we thought they were.

Spare the kids, get over it, and get a life.

Congrats to the champions! You deserve it!

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