Racist Woman Goes on an Insane Rant Against ‘Indians’ in a Sears Checkout Line

Racist Woman Goes on an Insane Rant Against ‘Indians’ in a Sears Checkout Line
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
June 9, 2017
One woman with zero patience at a Sears checkout line took her frustration out through a racist rant against “Indians” who caused the delay for using coupons.
The incident, which happened at a Sears in New Jersey on Sunday, was captured on camera by 27-year-old Simoni Lovano, who thought the woman should have been removed from the department store.
According to Lovano, the woman had the right to be frustrated as the store lacked open cash registers. However, he began recording as soon as she blamed a Latino family for using coupons, NJ.com reported.
“Send them back to their own f***ing country,” she demanded.
The woman, who called the family “Indians,” also lashed out at the Indian store employee who processed the transaction:
“You got an Indian waiting on an Indian, that’s what it is.”
Referring to the family, someone in the background then said, “They’re not Indian.”
“I don’t know what the hell they are,” the woman replied.
Another echoed, “That has nothing to do with anything.”
Speaking to NJ.com, Lovano thought of his own mother as the scene unfolded:
“My mom is actually a very active [coupon user]. So when I was looking at this family, I thought about the fact that this could be my mom.”
Lovano, who moved with his family to America from Italy as a child, feels guilty for not standing up for the family at Sears. However, he hopes that the video will go viral so he can monetize it and raise money for organizations that help immigrants.
Watch the scene below:
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