Woman filmed going on racist tirade against Asian woman refuses to apologize, doubles down on ‘n-word’ claim

Woman filmed going on racist tirade against Asian woman refuses to apologize, doubles down on ‘n-word’ claim
Ryan General
November 25, 2022
The woman involved in a verbal altercation with an Asian woman at a gas station in Seattle has refused to apologize for hurling racial slurs.
Earlier this week, Stephanie, a Taiwanese American who goes by the handle @lycheemarteenee on TikTok, posted a video of the woman’s racist tirade at a Shell gas station in Capitol Hill.
The video, which was taken down but has since reemerged on Twitter and Reddit, shows the woman, who is Black, repeatedly telling Stephanie to “Go eat your dog with some rice, b*tch.”
In succeeding TikTok posts, Stephanie explains that she confronted the woman after she saw her being rude to a senior Asian gas station attendant prior to recording her video. 
The woman, identified by The Post Millennial as Ladonna Richie, allegedly threw cash aggressively onto the counter after she was not immediately attended to. 
When sought by journalist Jonathan Choe for her side of the story, Richie said she does not regret anything and even accused Stephanie of using the n-word.
The woman also directed profanities at Choe and chased him off by throwing rocks at him. In the video Choe posted on Twitter, she yells at him: “Eat a d*ck, Asian man. Or a dog with rice.”
On Thursday, the Instagram account of advocacy group Black and Asian Souls Unite (BAASU) posted a screenshot of a Facebook post purportedly supplied by Richie coming from one Ahmed Muhammad, who claimed to be the general manager of the gas station. 
In the post, Muhammad belied Stephanie’s claims about Richie disrespecting any Asian employee, as he said his station does not have an Asian employee. He accused Stephanie of provoking and harrassing Richie prior to the video recording.
In an interview with BAASU, Richie acknowledged yelling out racial slurs at Stephanie but maintained she will never apologize. She instead doubled down on her claim that Stephanie called her the n-word.
According to Richie, Stephanie confronted her son first before they engaged in a verbal exchange. She also pointed out that Stephanie could have edited her children out of the video. 
Many of Richie’s claims were countered by the actual owner of the gas station, Tommy Lee, who told Choe that there was indeed a Korean American senior employee who was rattled by the incident.
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“I think she said what felt necessary at the time and I appreciate her standing up for my employee,” Lee was quoted as saying.
He also defended Stephanie, noting that she never used any racial slurs against Richie. 
“Honestly, my employees and I know how to deal with individuals like that rude lady pretty well,” Lee added. “And sometimes the best thing to do is ignore their ignorance. Because a person like that doesn’t know much better obviously. It’s such a waste of time getting mad with people like that. I’ve been through it, trust me.” 
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