Racist Woman H‌ara‌ss‌e‌s Black and Samoan Men Calling Them ‘N***ers’

A video of a White woman blasting two men of color with racial s‌lu‌r‌s has spurred an‌gry comments on social media.

The incident occurred outside a bar in Kansas City, Missouri on Oct. 16.

Drake Lewis, a 21-year-old Black man, and his friend, Saomana Tualatamalelagi, a Samoan American, were taking pictures when the woman called them “f***ing n***ers.”


So yesterday me and my homie Sam were out taking photos in the power and light district via KCMO when we overheard this lady say ‘these f***ing n***ers’ when we walked by,” Lewis wrote on Twitter. “I told her not to say that and then I started recording.”

Lewis, who caught the incident on film, said that it took him and Tualatamalelagi by surprise.

It was really random,” Lewis told The Kansas City Star. “Me and my friend were just out taking photos and we were walking down the street talking about different stuff and we overheard the lady.”


In the video, the woman is seen s‌ho‌u‌ting sl‌u‌rs at Lewis and Tualatamalelagi while the two retaliated with laughter and ridicule.

“Shut your hick a** up you u‌g‌ly b***h,” Tualatamalelagi responds.

At one point, the woman tells them, “It is what it is. I’m a White f***ing cracker, you a caramel n***er.”


When told to get her “d‌ru‌nk a**” away, the woman replies, “Yeah I’m dr‌u‌n‌k. F**k you … Get the f**k out of my face you goddamn [unintelligible].”

Lewis said that Tualatamalelagi has been called a “sand (N-word)” in the past. “He gets it all the time.”

In another video, the two are heard discussing why it was not okay for the woman to use the N-word.


“White people get to say cracker, emo kids get to tell you ‘k‌i‌l‌l yourself.’ And gay people say f‌ag‌g‌o‌t. It’s like the law of the universe.”

Lewis’s post has since gone viral across social media platforms, with people condemning the woman’s behavior.

Netizens commented on Twitter:

Lewis said that he made the incident public to expose just how prevalent racism is today.


I posted it to expose how people really are, and to show that racism is pretty much everywhere,” he told Newsweek. “I’m just really tired of the disrespect.”

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