Twitter User Mocks Viral Taekwondo Video With Racist ‘Asian’ Voiceover

A Twitter user has come under fire for doing a racist voiceover on a viral World Taekwondo Festival performance by mockingly imitating an Asian accent and using the “N” word at the end.

@TheMartinShow_’s short video has been watched more than 2.55 million times since he posted it on Aug. 24.

The original Taekwondo performance was uploaded to YouTube last month during the World Taekwondo Festival held at Jeju Island, South Korea.

Many netizens called Martin out for casually mocking the Asian accent by saying random phrases such as soy sauce or Pikachu.

Another Twitter user, Bryce Yang, pointed out to AsAmNews that Martin also frequently uses the “N” word in previous social media including a video of him throwing a dog in the air that could be perceived as animal endangerment and abuse.

Others, however, found Martin to be funny. Here are some of their replies:

Featured Image via Twitter / TheMartinShow_ (Left), YouTube / ericdaryl (Right)

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