Racist Trump Supporting Flyers Targeting Asians Are Now Popping Up on People’s Cars

Racially offensive flyers promoting support for Donald Trump that read “job stealing ching chongs get out and go back to communist land” have been circulating online — and social media users are horrified.
A photo of the flyers was posted to Facebook and Instagram by user Patrick Michael Strange, whose friend recently found them placed on cars in a private parking lot in Arlington, Virginia.
He uploaded the image with the caption, “Placed on a friend’s car amongst others. Day 2 in #trumpsamerica #hate #whathatelookslike”.
NextShark could not immediately verify the authenticity of the flyers, but social media users took to Facebook and Instagram to express their anger.

Placed on a friend's car amongst others. Day 2 in #trumpsamerica #hate #whathatelookslike

A photo posted by Patrick Michael Strange (@strangesince1977) on

Unbelievable. Unacceptable,” Brian Washington commented.
Seriously, there is just as much hate being spewed at Trump supporters…being jumped and beaten in the street etc. It all needs to stop! ALL OF THE HATE NEEDS TO STOP!!!” user Dawn Brown chimed in.
When asked if he thought his friend could be trusted and whether the photo leaflets were legitimate, Strange replied saying, “I do. From his original post: And the idiocy continues.
“I found this bullshit all over my car as well as the other Asian employees who aren’t even Chinese. We told the boss. He’s making sure we’re safe heading down to the garage and telling our landlord’s security to keep an eye out. But like I said before, I’m not letting fear and hate take over. I’m still gonna live my life how I always have and there isn’t anything racists can do to stop me.”
According to the Angry Asian Man, the culprits have since been caught and the property’s landlord said two teenagers were trying to hand out the flyers in the daytime.
No charges have been filed against the duo since they were only leaving flyers on car windshields and nothing on the property was actually damaged.
But according to the Houston Chronicle, while the public distribution of flyers is not illegal, giving out flyers on private property without permission from the property owner is.
The two teens were banned from ever coming back to the property, and will be arrested for trespassing if they ever step foot on it again.
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