Racist Road Rager in Long Beach Reportedly Loses His Job After Multiple Incidents Surface

A man identified on social media as Roy Zion, the perpetrator of at least two racially motivated road rage incidents in Long Beach, California, is reportedly no longer employed by Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Zion self-identified as an Auto Body Fraud Investigator on Twitter while putting Liberty Mutual Insurance as an associated company, indicating that it may be his place of employment.

After it was revealed that Zion was involved in multiple road rage incidents that targeted Asians specifically, the most recent being July 18, many called on Liberty Mutual Insurance to cease his employment.

The company eventually responded on Twitter.

While the company has not confirmed that Zion was indeed employed by them, it is confirmed that he is at least no longer associated with the company.

Back in April, Zion threatened and assaulted another Asian man as he was dropping his child off at school.

He thought I was the one tailgating him, smh. I hope by participating and sharing what I’ve experienced with Robin will help put a end to this type of stuff happening in this world right now especially to this great city we live in known as Long Beach, a diverse city everyone Loves. Carry on my friends,” Saphana Nuon wrote in the comment section of the Facebook group Asian Social Issues.

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