Woman Caught Calling Asian a ‘F*cking Ch*nk’ for Not Signaling in Parking Lot

Woman Caught Calling Asian a ‘F*cking Ch*nk’ for Not Signaling in Parking LotWoman Caught Calling Asian a ‘F*cking Ch*nk’ for Not Signaling in Parking Lot
A woman’s racist rant in a parking lot in Canada was captured on camera and has spread widely via social media.
Twitter user Rob Gill shared a video of the incident on Friday, encouraging viewers to “name and shame” the woman who was caught berating Asian shoppers.
In his tweet, Gill noted that the incident occurred on Boxing Day (December 26) in the parking lot of the Outlet Collection at the Niagara-on-the-Lake mall.
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The captured footage shows the woman shouting insults and racial slurs at another woman behind the camera.
After realizing she’s being filmed, the woman mockingly sings “La-la-la-la-la” in a childlike voice while showing the middle finger.
At one point, the woman tries to slap the camera and then proceeds to push the person behind the camera off-balance.
“You f***ing bitch, get out of here. You started it. She started it. She said, ‘I don’t know what a signal is.’ … even in China they have signal lights.”
She then moves away and accuses the Asian person of kicking her.
“You kick me? I’ll take those f — ing glasses off your face and shove them through your …” the woman says before turning around, pulling up her sweater, and bending over.
“Are you going to tape me? Tape me, I don’t care. Tape me all you want.”
She then continues to threaten the woman, saying that she would call 911 “and tell them that she kicked me.”
While it is still unclear how the argument started, the woman in the video insinuated that it was due to the use of turn signals.
In an interview with CHCH news, the victim explained that the woman threatened to scratch her car after she pulled into the parking spot. Apparently, the woman was also trying to get into the same spot.
The Asian woman went to the mall’s guest services immediately after the incident, reports The Standard.
Mall security staff took her statement and escalated her complaint to the local police.
“At this time, it remains under investigation,” Niagara Regional Police Spokeswoman Stephanie Sabourin was quoted as saying. “There are clearly elements to this incident which are concerning, and we will be able to provide more details shortly.”
The victim, who asked her name to be withheld, said she moved from China to Canada seven years ago. She initially posted the video on Facebook but decided to remove it, saying she did not intend for the woman to get attacked online.
Feature Image via Rob Gill
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