Man Erupts in Racist Rant Against Asians After Being Asked to Move His Car

Man Erupts in Racist Rant Against Asians After Being Asked to Move His Car

November 4, 2019
A man in north Richmond, British Columbia, Canada was caught on camera causing a scene and going off on a racist rant against members of the local Asian community.
The still-unidentified man was reportedly called out by some residents of a complex after he was seen washing his vehicle in a no-washing zone.
Speaking on anonymity to CityNews, a woman shared that the man’s car was blocking several parking spots at a residential complex near Cambie Road and Number 4 Road.
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The woman saw the man as she was meeting friends who live in the complex at around 11 a.m. on Saturday. In a bid to capture the man’s license plate, she got out of her car and took out her smartphone.
“The gentleman kept swearing at us, calling [us] names and telling us that we should go back to China,” she was quoted as saying.
“Then he actually sprayed me and my car, quite threateningly.”
In the video, the man can be heard saying, “I hate f****ng Chinese.”
The woman said that both she and her friend were born in Canada.
“I still couldn’t believe the racism, it was so strong,” she added. “Of course it doesn’t make me feel good. I was actually quite shocked.”
According to the woman, her 9-year-old daughter was in the car at the time. When she noticed that her daughter appeared to be confused, she used the incident as an opportunity to teach her child about what kind of behavior is and is not tolerable.
“This is not acceptable,” she explained. “But how do you move forward? How do you teach the next generation to be more accepting?”
CityNews reports that at least one other person has reported similar racist confrontations with someone who is believed to be the same individual.
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