Woman Erupts into Racist Rant on Asian Staff For ‘Speaking Chinese’ in Canada

Woman Erupts into Racist Rant on Asian Staff For ‘Speaking Chinese’ in CanadaWoman Erupts into Racist Rant on Asian Staff For ‘Speaking Chinese’ in Canada
A woman’s racist tirade on a female staff member at a convenience store in Canada has sparked outrage on social media.
Allen Tseng, the man who filmed the incident, says the irate customer was rude and racist during the entire ordeal which happened on Monday at the Shoppers Drug Mart at Kingsway and McMurray Avenue in Burnaby, British Columbia.
In the clip uploaded by Tseng on Facebook, the woman can be seen visibly infuriated while verbally abusing the store clerk for “speaking Chinese.” The video has since gone viral and emerged on other social media platforms.
The woman, who has yet to be identified, called the employee “rude as f–k” for speaking a language she did not understand.
Pointing her finger at the customer service agent, she shouted, “Speak English in Canada! You’re rude, you are rude. Go somewhere else.”
The woman then went on berating three other employees as a young boy watches beside her.
“I just want to put this lady on blast for being extremely rude and racist. And hopefully show her there (are) consequences to this type of behavior. It’s sad to see this sort of racism still in 2019 and in Greater Vancouver,” Tseng wrote.
While Tseng didn’t see what sparked the woman’s anger, he noted that the female staffer targeted in the tirade was the one assisting the racist customer.
“The Asian lady was trying to help. She was asked to help by (a manager) but they spoke to each other in their own native tongue and that’s when the misunderstanding happened,” he shared.
Tseng noted how the staff members were all in shock after the woman finally left. 
“It made me feel sad for the employees that they had to be verbally harassed like that.”
Loblaw Canada, which owns Shoppers Drug Mart, released a statement saying the company has been in touch with the Burnaby store, the National Post reports. According to the company spokesperson, they will offer additional resources and support to staff if needed.
In a statement to Postmedia, Loblaw Canada representative Catherine Thomas said: “The incident that took place on Monday was unacceptable and extremely disappointing to see. It has absolutely no place in our stores. We believe fully in two-way respect between our employees and our customers and were appalled to see that behavior.” 
Featured image via YouTube/Vancouver Sun
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