Racist Oregon Woman Accuses Asian Woman of Being Illegal, Threatens to Call the Cops

Racist Oregon Woman Accuses Asian Woman of Being Illegal, Threatens to Call the Cops
Carl Samson
September 13, 2018
A woman in Portland, Oregon took to Facebook to expose a racist lady who accused her of illegally “crossing the border” with her family.
Selina Cairel says that she’s normally silent on social media, but the incident on Tuesday night had left her “very upset.”
It all started when the woman — who appears to drive a Hyundai — made fun of Cairel’s eyes in a mock Asian accent.
It started when she had said in the most demeaning poor excuse of a supposed ‘Asian’ accent that ‘She’s Asian, she can’t see that’s why she can’t drive.’ I was parked next to her and I did not instigate this at all.”
Image via Facebook / Selina Cairel
The woman allegedly took out her phone to record Cairel.
“She was the one to pull out her phone first saying ‘this should go on Instagram’ and started recording me. I literally just got back to my car from getting some voodoo donuts and just wanted to go home.”
In the clip that Cairel filmed, the woman can be heard challenging her legal status before insulting her parents.
“Before you say anything you might wanna make sure you’re actually legal,” the woman said. “Imma call the cops to let them know.”
Cairel asked, “About what?”
“That you’re illegals crossing the border,” the woman snapped back. “And your parents probably had to work for f**king dirt just to get here.”
Cairel’s post quickly went viral, attracting more than 400,000 views, 6,000 shares and 2,000 comments as of this writing.
“I [will] never let this pass and wanna make sure this kind of behavior is seen and how people of color encounter this all the time. I wanna make sure she gets seen and her racist, ignorant behavior is exposed,” Cairel, who managed to film the woman’s plate, wrote.
Facebook users dug the internet to find information about the woman. Many have come to identify her as Sierra Dawn Measelle.
Measelle’s social media pages are unavailable as of this writing.
The rest slammed the woman and expressed support for Cairel.
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