Racist Storms Asian American Man’s Yard Calling Him a ‘N****r’ Over a ‘F**k Donald Trump’ Sign

Racist Storms Asian American Man’s Yard Calling Him a ‘N****r’ Over a ‘F**k Donald Trump’ Sign

July 16, 2018
A North Carolina man lashed out at an Asian-American family for having a sign that says “F**k Donald Trump” on their lawn.
The incident was caught on video and has since gone viral on social media.
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The man, who wore a blue shirt, a pair of jeans and white rubber shoes, can be seen arguing with the shirtless homeowner in the beginning of the first video.
“Get the f**k off my property right now,” the homeowner demanded. “Why you care about f**k?”
“I voted for Bernie Sanders, motherf**ker. I don’t give a f**k. F**k you!” the man replied, adding that the sign bothers his kids. “I drop by and it smells like goddamn weed in your f**king house.”
The man then threatens to call the police before retreating with a middle finger into his pick-up truck.
“You see that sh*t? Get his f**kin’ license plate. Imma find this motherf**kin’ cracker,” the homeowner tells a female companion who filming the scene.
The homeowners then called the intruder — who also called them the N-word — a “cracker.”
“Cracker? Cracker? Cracker? I’m a cracker? I built this country,” the man responded. “Your house smells like f**king weed. I smelled it while I was walking up here!”
“You better start clearing it out, motherf**ker … You got a ‘F**k you, Donald Trump’ sign. You got neighbors walking by here.”
The scene ends with the man driving away from the property which also had “Black Lives Matter” and “Refugees Welcome Here” signs in the lawn.
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The videos have gathered thousands of views after being posted, with many condemning the racist man’s behavior.
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