Asian Postal Worker Verbally Assaulted By Racist Woman in London

Asian Postal Worker Verbally Assaulted By Racist Woman in LondonAsian Postal Worker Verbally Assaulted By Racist Woman in London
For no apparent reason, a White woman went all-out racist against one South Asian postal worker who was merely going through his day in Camden High Street, London.
The incident has since gone viral on Facebook with more than 500,000 views since it was first posted by Samrat Hanif on Jan. 24.
The woman’s tirade reportedly started when she accused the employee of “laughing” at her.
“You won’t think it’s funny then, yeah? You won’t be laughing then, you ignorant f**ksh*t. I don’t want to look at you. What woman would want to look at that?” she exclaimed while walking away.
The employee, who was working as a cashier behind a glass screen, ignored the woman. However, things were not over yet:
“Make sure you post my card, or else I’ll come back and get a refund, you fat Paki c**t.”
She dropped one last bomb before heading for the exit:
“Go back to your own country, yeah, you’re not wanted here. You fat motherf****r Paki! Ugly motherf****r!”
Hanif said that the workers were friendly to everyone, so he had no idea what could have possibly triggered the woman.
Meanwhile, all the other customers fell silent during the whole rant.
“All of a sudden I heard she is screaming and immediately I started recording,” Hanif added.
A post office spokesperson said in a statement that investigations are underway and that the branch concerned is receiving support.
“We are extremely proud of the people who work in our 11,600 branches across the UK. They do a great job providing a wide range of vital services to the millions of customers who visit each week. We expect all of our people to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve and are very concerned by this incident,” the Daily Mail quoted.
“We are investigating and of course offering our full support to the team at the branch involved.”
Check out the whole incident below:
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