London Chef Fired for Mocking Asian People With Fake Accent on YouTube

London Chef Fired for Mocking Asian People With Fake Accent on YouTubeLondon Chef Fired for Mocking Asian People With Fake Accent on YouTube
Shaun Beagley, the chef behind the YouTube channel Boring Kitchen, has been fired from his job after cooking videos of him mocking Asian people and their culture by using a fake accent was discovered online.
Beagley, who worked as a chef at Som Saa, a trendy Thai restaurant in London, created a dozen videos on his channel teaching people how to cook certain Thai dishes while imitating an Asian accent where he purposely switches the pronunciation of words with the letter “L” with “R.”
His social media posts also contain mockery.
Mimicking an Asian accent is just one of the several offensive things he pulled off on social media.
In another video where he teaches people how to make coconut cream, he deliberately called people of color “monkeys” and that they live in the jungle. Beagley acknowledged that what he did was racist, but still did it for comedy.
People have noticed Beagley and his racist behavior towards Asians.
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He was also asked by some netizens to reconsider what he was doing and blocked people who privately asked him to apologize.
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In a statement to Eater, Som Saa’s owners said: “Due to the unacceptable comments and views expressed by a member of the team at som saa, he has now been let go. These views and comments are not those of som saa, the owners or any other members of staff. However, we would like to wholeheartedly apologise for the hurt and upset that comments from this chef have caused. We respect all communities and feel very fortunate and honoured to not only work with Thai cuisine but also to work with so many nationalities globally.”
Featured Image (Left) via Facebook / somsaalondon, (Right) via YouTube / Boring Kitchen, (Middle) via Twitter / BoringThai
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