Instagrammer Mocks Chinese Restaurant Owners With Racist Jokes About Eating Cats

An aspiring comedian from Baltimore sparked outrage on social media after posting two videos showing him mocking two Chinese restaurant owners.

Anthony Williams, who calls himself “Cool Ant,” recorded two shop owners on video while asking if they were selling cats on their menu.

In his racial attack disguised as “comedy,” Williams was apparently referencing a stereotype for a laugh at the expense of two old hard-working people.

In the first clip, he spoke with a male attendant, initially mumbling incoherently. When the man asked him what he was saying, Williams responded with “A cat. Meow. A kitty cat.”


The man, who appears to have not completely understood what Williams was blabbering about, motioned him to go to another store.

Williams then went on to pester a woman at the next restaurant. Brandishing about $4 in front of the woman,  Williams did his “comedy bit,” claiming that someone told him he could buy a fried cat in her store.


Visibly infuriated, the woman told Williams that she would call the police on the other eatery owner.

“Yeah, you might want to do that,” Williams replied, insisting that the man told him so.

The video ended with the upset woman saying she will indeed call the police.

The videos have generated thousands of likes and comments over the weekend on Instagram before Williams took them down on Monday morning following backlash from mostly Asian netizens.

Urban lifestyle retailer DTLR, which currently employs Williams, posted a tweet earlier today condemning the aspiring comedian’s actions.

Despite initially defending the offensive videos as mere jokes, Williams eventually posted an apology statement on Instagram this morning.

Featured Image via Instagram / cool_ant

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