‘F**k ASIONS and CORONYVIRUS!’: California Family’s Car Defaced With Racist Graffiti

A woman in Fresno, California took to Facebook to vent over some unsightly graffiti that defaced her father’s car and greeted her first thing Monday morning.

The message: “F**k Asions [sic] and coronyvirus!”

racist graffiti
Image via Anna Chandy

While the statement misspelled words, the hate behind it is clear.

“Woke up this morning to seeing this on my dad’s car! I’m f***** beyond pissed! Y’all motherf****** need to do your damn f***** research before attacking all f***** Asians your dumbf***s!” Anna Chandy wrote in her original post, which was reportedly taken down for “hate speech and inferiority.”

racist graffiti
Image Screenshot via Anna Chandy

Written in blue paint, the graffiti near the back of the vehicle included the word “OSKOE,” which appears to be a “signature” of the responsible party.

It also included what seems to read as “B2MC.”

racist graffiti
Image via Anna Chandy

Chandy was about to take her 11-year-old son to school when they discovered the graffiti. She had no words for him when he asked why someone would do this to his grandfather’s car.

“Hate crime and racism towards Asians due to the coronavirus is not okay! I mean any kind of hate crime and racism is not okay! My dad and my family don’t deserve this,” Chandy wrote in a new post. “No one deserves this!

One Facebook user allegedly discovered the signature on their car the same morning Chandy did.

racist graffiti

Others found similar signatures elsewhere and pointed at the Instagram profile of the alleged vandal.

racist graffiti

It is unclear whether Chandy’s family will bring the matter to the police.

Facebook users expressed support:

Feature Image via Anna Chandy

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