Racist ‘Drunk’ Woman Caught Harassing Asian Family Selling Strawberries in Australia

Racist ‘Drunk’ Woman Caught Harassing Asian Family Selling Strawberries in Australia
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
September 25, 2017
An intoxicated woman harassing an Asian-Australian family has become the newest racist viral video sensation.
The incident took place while the family was selling strawberries on a street in Bullsbrook, Perth, Western Australia, according to Daily Mail.
In the footage, the woman is seen lashing out at the family, who repeatedly asked her to leave them alone.
The woman initially protested the family’s sale of strawberries and sought for their license. The man recording, presumably the family’s father, stressed that they are Australian citizens and paying taxes.
“Listen, I’m asking you to go away please… Please go away,” the man said.
“No. I will only go away when you move away from here,” the woman responded.
The argument then escalated when the man replied, “You must have a sad life. You really must have a sad life.”
“You must do, rooting them f–king things,” the woman retaliated before turning to the man’s family. “Look at them!”
“Yeah ‘look at them’ what? What’s wrong with them?” the man, who also called her “racist,” answered back.
The woman then turned to a Caucasian man — who happens to work at the family’s farm — to ask if they were “illegal.” The Caucasian man repeatedly tried to disengage, but the woman kept trying to speak to him instead of the Asian man.
“F–k off, I wanna talk to him,” the woman persisted.
“You’re not talking to him. You’ve been drinking! I can smell it,” the man recording exclaimed.
“Yeah I have. I’ve had a beer because I’m pissed off with Chinks like you,” the woman responded.
In addition to harassing the family, the woman apparently threatened to shoot their animals.
Check out the shocking footage below:
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