‘Trump 2020, F***ing Chino!’: Man Exposes Driver Using Racial Slurs in LA

racist driver

An Asian man took to Instagram to expose a driver who racially attacked him after “almost” causing a road accident in California.

The incident, which was partially caught on video, occurred along a freeway in Los Angeles last week.

Image Screenshot via @screwallracists

“Hey, call me a chink again,” user @screwallracists tells the driver at the beginning of the footage. “Call me a chink again!”

“Hey, what’s up buddy?” the driver yells back before declaring his support for the incumbent president. “Trump 2020!”

Image Screenshot via @screwallracists

The driver, who appears to be on duty, then uses a Spanish profanity.

“Trump 2020, p*to!”

racist driver
Image Screenshot via @screwallracists

@screwallracists repeatedly asked the driver to identify the company he is working for, but the latter only doubled down on his tirade.

“Trump 2020! Trump 2020!” the driver chants before using the slanted-eye gesture. “Trump 2020, f***ing chino!”


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I wonder who this nice gentlemen is voting for… #racist #racism

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“So this guy cuts me off on the freeway and almost causes an accident. When I honked at him he proceeded to lower his window and began using racial slurs at me,” @screwallracists wrote in his Instagram post.

As seen in the video, the driver had a companion next to him. @screwallracists managed to photograph their vehicle’s license plate:

racist driver
Image via @screwallracists

It’s unclear whether @screwallracists has reported the incident to the police.

Feature Image Screenshots via @screwallracists

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