Racist Driver Who Attacked Asian Family With Hate Speech Doesn’t ‘realize what was said is wrong’

Racist Driver Who Attacked Asian Family With Hate Speech Doesn’t ‘realize what was said is wrong’
Carl Samson
June 1, 2018
The racist
Sandra Lee was driving in Half Moon Bay, California, over Memorial Day weekend with her husband and two children when a female driver “in the wrong lane” launched into a racist tirade.
“She started yelling out, you f b!$&;$! Go back to China! She was shouting at us the whole time until we were able to change to different lane to avoid any trouble,” Lee recalled.
Lee posted a video of the incident on Facebook, where the driver can be heard yelling, “Go back to your country, b***h!” and “Bye China!”
The harrowing incident immediately sparked furor online, with many condemning the driver for her behavior.
In an update, Lee, who had taken down the video, said that her “anger has turned into sadness now that it’s been shared widely.”
“Anger vs sad. I wouldn’t want any of it. I had [a] different emotion every 30 minutes. Okay, I did the right thing. Wait, did I really? I think I did! Hmmm … maybe I stirred up more problem. All these emotions came at us and really .. it has been very tough for us,” she wrote.
In dealing with all the stress, Lee and her family opted to ignore messages from random people to journalists. But when the driver in the video reached out, she had to take a different course of action.
“But there was one message I couldn’t ignore. It was from the lady from the video. She messaged me yesterday.
“I was very hesitant to open her message. She was angry. Very angry. I won’t go in details of what she said. But it does include foul language again.”
According to Lee, she decided to respond to the driver, resulting in an exchange that could have healed the situation once and for all.
However, Lee, who was generous enough to offer a chance for an apology, did not receive one in return.
“I gave her few minutes to think about it and I waited for her apology. It didn’t happen. But I was okay with it. I did block her after.”
“One message she said really caught my eye though. ‘Everybody was honking and yelling at everybody.’ [What] this means to me is ‘Everyone is doing it, why not me.’ That really … really saddened me.”
Despite being the victim of a harrowing experience, Lee believes that foul language and racial slurs directed at the driver will only worsen the situation.
“Although my intention to post this video in public was for awareness but it has also stirred up more anger,” she said. “There were many foul language and racial slur toward the lady and I don’t think that will help at all.”
For the record, Lee’s experience is the second of racially-charged attacks on Asian Americans in just two weeks.
Previously, a man driving in Fremont came across another racist driver who made slurs because he “wasn’t driving fast enough.”
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