Canadian Woman Calls Indian Man ‘Sh*t-Colored Skin,’ Says She’s ‘Not a Racist’

Canadian Woman Calls Indian Man ‘Sh*t-Colored Skin,’ Says She’s ‘Not a Racist’
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
August 29, 2018
A Canadian woman who was caught on video hurling racist insults at an Indian man by calling him “Paki” and describing his complexion as “sh*t-colored skin” says she’s “not a racist.”
Identified only as Angelique, the woman called CTV News in Edmonton, Alberta after the report was aired. She refused to apologize for what she said, and defended her actions by saying she’s “not a racist” while speaking to a reporter.
He went crazy and started banging on my window, telling me I’m f*cking stupid, move my f*cking car,” the woman told CTV Edmonton’s Bill Fortier.
She explained how the dispute began weeks ago when she visited a friend at a housing complex and when she returned to the same area, the building management asked her to move her car.
It doesn’t matter if it justifies it or not; it happened and that’s where I took it, and I’m responsible for that,” she said in the interview after being asked if the disagreement justified her use of racial slurs and derogatory words.
In the original video, the woman can be seen hurling insults at the man, identified as Rahul Kumar, India Times reported. Kumar, a human resources professional who moved from India to Canada seven years ago, filmed the woman as she continued her tirade in front of the man’s 2-year-old son and pregnant wife.
You can film all you want Paki. Yes Paki, that’s you with the sh*t-colored skin,” the woman yells through the open driver’s seat window.
I’ve requested her a few times not to do that because it gives a hard time to me and my wife who’s a learner, to back up our cars from the designated spots,” Kumar said while speaking with Global News. “I just called the rental office… and the office girl came out and she went and spoke to her to move the car. Otherwise, they have to get it towed because it’s in the emergency lane.”
I can live with myself,” the unapologetic woman told the reporter. “I have no problem looking in the mirror … I love myself. I have no problem with what happened.”
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