Racist British Couple Dines and Dashes After Insulting Thai Restaurant Owner

Racist British Couple Dines and Dashes After Insulting Thai Restaurant OwnerRacist British Couple Dines and Dashes After Insulting Thai Restaurant Owner
A Thai owner was insulted in her own restaurant in Gloucestershire by a racist British couple who ate their food and dashed out without paying.
Kittima Manmaunjun was criticized by two “xenophobic and rude” customers who complained that the Thai fishcakes served at The Bangkok Canteen on Westgate Street at around 7 p.m. were too chewy.
In order to avoid further complications, Manmaunjun suggested to the British couple refrain from ordering any main courses. However, the female customer insisted on ordering a jumbo Tum Yum soup regardless while the man ordered a massaman curry, according to Gloucestershire Live.
The couple, who appeared to be in their 30s, consumed every bit of the main course and appetizers they ordered including the decoration flowers, and there were no leftovers.
“They both finished them and nothing was left, not even the sauce,” Manmaunjun exclaimed.
The couple then insulted the restaurant owner by telling her to go back to where she came from. The pair further humiliated two British waitresses by telling them, “Even on minimum wage you have to know English laws.”
The woman told Manmaunjun that she would only pay £60 ($79) of their total £68.50 ($90.20) bill since they weren’t satisfied with their meal, but the couple fled when the Thai owner called the police on them.
According to Birmingham Mail, customers have the right to ask for a bill reduction or refund under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 law, but only if there’s “room for negotiation between the parties and reasonableness on both sides.”
Manmaunjun defended her case by saying, “I couldn’t refund because they didn’t let us know after the first bite something was not right.”
“Normally we are happy to change it and not charge, but they ate all of it. You can’t return an empty box of chocolates to the supermarket,” Manmaunjun added.
The Thai owner recalled that her staff were almost on the verge of bursting into tears and that the whole ordeal “made the staff stressed and sad and angry.”
“We served lots of people that night and everyone was happy,” the owner recalled.
Authorities have since collected the establishment’s CCTV footage and will proceed with their investigation into the incident.
Images via Facebook / BKK Canteen UK
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