Asian Man’s Business Billboard Defaced with Racist ‘No More Asians’ Poster in Australia

An unknown racist assailant recently defaced a Chinese Australian’s billboard ads with a poster filled with hateful messages.

According to SBS, a property investor, Yancheng Wang, found a black and white poster listing anti-Asian phrases posted on his advertisements at a construction site on Monday night.

Messages like “Stop Incoming Asians”, “Stop Asians applying for Public Housing Assistance”, and “Stop Asians Illegally [sic] Using Concession Cards”, were written on the poster stuck over the ads for Wang’s property site.

It also calls to “Save Australian culture” while claiming “Australia is not Asia” at the very bottom.

In an interview with SBS, Wang revealed that the second time the poster was placed on his billboard. He also stated that the first incident has already been reported it to the local authorities but so far, no action has been done.

“It makes me angry and upset at the same time,” Wang was quoted as saying.

While he felt frustrated by the racial attacks, Wang said he thinks the poster does not reflect his experience living in Australia.

“I always think Australia is a friendly country,” he says. “My business has also been following local laws and regulations.”

In a recent survey on the subject of racism and prejudice in Australia, it was revealed that one in five Australians has experienced racism in the past 12 months.

The study was commissioned by SBS along with Western Sydney University for a new documentary titled, “Is Australia Racist?”

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