Racist Anti-Chinese Flyers Are Popping Up in Mailboxes Around Canada

Racist Anti-Chinese Flyers Are Popping Up in Mailboxes Around Canada

November 18, 2016
Post-election racism has reportedly made its way across the Canadian border in the form of flyers with the headline, “Step aside, whitey! The Chinese are taking over!”
The leaflets, which residents of Richmond, British Columbia, found in their mailboxes, read:
“So you can now enjoy the ‘privilege’ of being marginalized in the community your forefathers built, have neighbors who refuse to speak your language, and not be able to afford a home!”
It then asks people, “Not what you signed up for?” before encouraging them to visit two websites, which link to promotions of Donald Trump, white supremacy, nationalism and other ideologies, according to Global News.
The poster ended with, “Let’s save Richmond!”
“I was shocked, to be honest,” Steveston resident Rebecca Van Der Hijde said of the flyer. “I grew up here in a multiracial city, in a multiracial country. I married a multi-racial man, and we have multiracial kids. I was disheartened and sad that this was happening.”
Canadians have reported a rise in hate crimes and racist graffiti after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.
A swastika was spray-painted on a Jewish community leader’s home in Ottawa, while a resident of Regina discovered pro-KKK visuals painted on his fence.
A racially charged scuffle on a streetcar in Toronto was also caught on film, with one passenger telling another to “go back to your f—-ing country.”
Similar flyers, like the ones found in Richmond, were also spotted in Toronto recently.
“Hey, WHITE PERSON, wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multiracial’? Figuring out that diversity only means less white people?” the signs read.
It also urged people to become a part of the “alt-right” movement with links to a number of American and Canadian sites printed at the bottom of the page.
“I’m quite worried that the Donald Trump election has legitimized this kind of ultra right-wing viewpoint and encouraged these kinds of expressions of hate,” Toronto City Councilor Janet Davis told Global News.
Malcolm Brodie, the mayor of Richmond, told the news station that views expressed on the flyers do not in any way represent the views of the city.
“We’re a really diverse city, and we’re proud of that diversity… It’s unacceptable,” he said.
On Thursday, New Democrat Leader John Horgan said he was “angered and saddened” by reports of the flyer distribution.
“I hope that I speak for people of every political stripe in British Columbia when I say there is no room for these hateful acts in British Columbia,” he added.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have launched an investigation into the flyers, and considered them a form of hate literature.
“The Richmond RCMP take all matters that may be hate or bias motivated very seriously,” Corporal Dennis Hwang said in a statement, according to CTV News.
“We realize that incidents like this have a direct impact on citizens and our community. We encourage people to report all incidents such as this to their local police.”

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