Racist Canadian Caught on Video Demanding ‘White Doctor’ at Hospital

Racist Canadian Caught on Video Demanding ‘White Doctor’ at Hospital
Editorial Staff
June 19, 2017
A woman in Canada has gone viral after she was caught on video demanding to see a “White doctor” who “doesn’t have brown teeth” and “speaks English” at an urgent care clinic on Sunday.
The incident was recorded by Hitesh Bhardwaj while he was waiting for his own appointment at Rapid Access to Medical Specialists in Mississauga, Ontario, according to the CBC.
In the video, the woman can be seen getting angry after being told that there are no “White doctors” available:
“I saw a doctor that was not White that did not help my kid,” she said. “I would like to see a White doctor. You’re telling me there isn’t one White doctor in this whole entire building?”
Bhardwaj, who’s an immigrant, started recording after seeing the incident unfold. He told CBC that he couldn’t help but record the video after seeing how inappropriate the woman’s actions were.
“I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” Bhardwaj told CBC. “The whole episode kept on repeating in my head, I was very upset. You know I can’t even define the feeling.”
Hitesh Bhardwaj
Shortly after, witnesses confronted the woman as the situation escalated.
“Your child clearly has more issues with you being his mother than him needing to see a doctor. You are extremely rude and racist,” one witness told the woman.
At one point in the video, the woman accuses the witness for “attacking me because I’m White.”
Police responded to calls of a “disturbance” and arrived shortly after 12:30 p.m. The woman’s son was treated by a doctor at the clinic. As of now, no charges have been pressed and the woman has yet to be identified. Rapid Access to Medical Specialists has declined to comment on the incident.
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