Minnesota Couple Finds ‘F***ing Ch*nks’ Note on Door After Returning Home

Minnesota Couple Finds ‘F***ing Ch*nks’ Note on Door After Returning HomeMinnesota Couple Finds ‘F***ing Ch*nks’ Note on Door After Returning Home
An Asian American couple living in Woodbury, Minnesota expressed their sadness and anger after someone left a racist note on their front door amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The note was found by the couple, Alvin Moua and Vanishia Yang, when the former returned home on Wednesday and noticed a piece of paper stuck to his front door, according to WCCO.
“I thought it might have been a notice sign,” Moua told WCCO. “As I got closer to it and actually read the note itself, yeah, it was pretty disturbing,”
The racist note, which was signed by “Your friendly neighborhood,” reads: “We’re watching you f—— c—– take the chinese virus back to china. We don’t want you hear infecting us with your diseases!!!!!!!!!!”
After the incident went viral, some people accused the couple, who are expecting a child in May, of making it up to get attention. Yang later expressed her disbelief about the accusations.
“If I wanted attention – which I don’t – I’d do it a different way,” she told KARE11. “This is not the kind of attention I would be seeking, especially at a time like this.”
“You don’t know the stress of how hurtful this is until it actually happens to you,” her husband added.
He hopes the investigation will lead to someone being held responsible for what happened.
“If nothing else – if nothing comes from that, just raising awareness that it’s here, it’s in Minnesota,” Moua added, referring to the hatred. “It might go away for a while. Knowing how long this pandemic has been going, COVID has definitely opened up some closet racists.”
The Woodbury Police said they currently have no leads pertaining to the identity of the person behind the message but added that detectives are working on the case.
“This sort of behavior has no place in our community. We are saddened that a person would be so cruel as to racially blame a neighbor for COVID-19,” officials said.
Woodbury Mayor Anne Burt apologized to Moua and Yang on behalf of the city and encouraged those who were victimized or anyone aware of these incidents to report them to 911.
“Please don’t be afraid to share your story. I mean, we need to spread the awareness,” Yang said. “Because, obviously, there are people out there who care.”
Feature Image Screenshot via WCCO – CBS Minessota, (inset) via Vanishia Yang
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