Minor Disagreement Turns into 100-Person Brawl at Chinese Trade School

Minor Disagreement Turns into 100-Person Brawl at Chinese Trade School
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 28, 2016
A simple argument between two classmates escalated into a massive street brawl involving more than a hundred students at a vocational school in Quijing, China on Friday afternoon.
The sudden eruption of violence was caught on film and was uploaded online to Chinese social media. In the half-minute clip, some students, mostly under 18 years of age, were shown armed with sticks while others began attacking each other with punches and kicks.
According to People’s Daily (via Shanghaiist), the riot was caused by two students disagreeing on a topic while studying architecture and sports. The incident grew into a huge fight after some classmates started taking sides.
The fight proved too much to handle for campus security and local authorities were eventually called in to control the situation.
Those in military uniform seen in the video joining the racket aren’t actually soldiers but military students who did not want to be left out of the fun.
Three students sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital after the tension subsided and the fight was stopped.
School officials and local police are currently investigating if there was more to it than just a simple argument that escalated into a massive brawl. The school has announced that the situation has since stabilized and that classes have resumed.
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